My First Look At Genetics

My First Look At Genetics

"Today, children learn so much more about genetics and at an early age."

I remember when I was in high school we first started talking about genetics. It wasn’t anything special and it certainly didn’t get into any great detail, but it our first look at the fascinating world of genetics.

This was the early 1990s and the Human Genome Project was a dream and cloning was something you read about in science fiction novels. Our education on the subject consisted of talking about dominant and recessive traits.

I learned that my red hair and blue eyes were recessive and was taught about dominant and recessive using the Punnet square. We also learned a little about genetic problems such as the Super Male and other problems with chromosomes.

Looking back, it was all so basic. Genetics was still a science in its infancy and was only brought into the limelight after Michael Crichton published Jurassic Park. Everyone thought we were on the cusp of cloning dinosaurs in the lab and that everyone was going to have pet dinos in 10 years or they were going to be able to clone your dead cat.

Today, children learn so much more about genetics and at an early age. The science had advanced so much in a short period of time that it has become a normal part of life. While we still don’t have any pet dinosaurs, the world is changing. Everything is getting genetically engineered from our vegetables to our children. My guess is that day or a pet Compy isn’t too far off.