September 2012

Reverse infanticide in America

Mommies are forking over big bucks to ensure double-x chromosomes in their progeny.

As appalled as I am by female infanticide around the world—which happens when people murder their infant daughters because they want boy babies instead—this news also has me sick to my stomach. Mothers are apparently spending thousands of dollars per pregnancy, trying to ensure that their baby ends up a girl rather than a boy.

In America, baby girls are sought after more than baby boys. The reasons why varies, but many moms are citing that they’re just “not into” the stuff that boys are into, such as sports and video games…which, as any sane person knows, is a pile of s***. My husband’s not into sports as much as I am; my daughter loves basketball and baseball. We all like video games, and my daughter won’t let you put her into a dress (unless a small bribe is involved); my mother will testify that the same was true for me growing up.